Supporting specialist in international legal cases, foreign application, and international legal contracts

Kozo Mizutani

Kozo Mizutani

I shall offer creative advice making the most of my English skills and profound knowledge of technological legal affairs.


Graduated the Department of Engineering at Kyoto University
Received Master’s degree and Doctorate degree at Purdue University, Indiana(U.S.)
Employed at a major cement manufacturer(Central research laboratory, patent division, planning division)
1995 Began working at our offices, and engaged in numerous duties such as patent application, intellectual property right disputes, English-written agreements, and so on.

Experienced fields

Various international disputes, examination and preparation of English-written agreements, patent applications(inbound, outbound), analyses of new technologies

Areas of Specialty

Technology: Chemistry, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Optics, Electricity, Electronic control, Software, Machinery
Legal affairs: Overall assistance of international agreements, Assistance of lawsuits involving overseas intellectual property

Essays, Publications, Lectures

“Information and Practices on Writing English Contracts” (in charge of Chapter 2: “How to Read and Write a Contract in English”) (Nippon Jitsugyo Publishing Co., Ltd.)