About Us

Our mission is to “offer the BEST SOLUTION.”

INTEX Law and Patent Offices shall offer the BEST SOLUTION that would settle our clients’ problems involving intellectual property and corporate legal affairs and lead them to further development. Being in a rapidly changing environment today, companies are constantly in the face of complicated issues in the area of intellectual property legal affairs, such as complicated technology legal matters involving development of new technology, legal affair issues in pursuant to the development of information technologies such as IOT(Internet of Things), AI(Artificial Intelligence) and FINTECH(Financial Technology) against the aggravating cloud technology referred to as the 4th industrial revolution in particular, and such problems as leakage of trade secrets in pursuant to increased job mobility. Moreover, as a consequence of global development of companies in progress, there are also more and more problems to undertake in the area of corporate legal affairs, such as alliances and international transactions in a pluralistic perspective in the light of global market regulations, antitrust policies and information protection. Our group of expert lawyers and patent attorneys with diverse legal experience in intellectual property and corporate legal affairs and careers in the engineering field shall recommend the most appropriate solution for each individual case, on the premises of business content and technical background of our clients in order to make the most of their corporate values and ultimately lead to the strengthening of their competitive force. With the expansion of our staff and hopes for the everlasting development of our offices, we have renamed our offices from the former Ikuta, Nakoshi & Takahashi Law and Patent Offices to INTEX Law and Patent Offices as of April 1, 2018. We humbly wish to have your continued support and patronage.


Founded 2010
Personnel Organization 7 Lawyers; 6 Patent Attorneys (Including the lawyers)
Legal Areas Dealt
  • Intellectual property legal affairs regarding lawsuits involving patents, trademarks, copyrights, unfair competition prevention laws
  • Domestic and overseas application of patents, trademarks and designs
  • Corporate legal affairs involving corporate laws, antitrust laws, corporate restructuring and bankruptcy, and so on
  • International legal affairs involving international transactions with foreign companies
  • General legal affairs, lawsuits and arbitration involving exchange laws, labor laws, inheritance laws, accident treatment and so on