Lawyer / Patent Attorney / Master of Engineering

Ryuji Takahashi

Ryuji Takahashi

TEL:03-5777-6768 FAX:03-5777-6766


Graduated the Master’s Program of the Department of Science and Engineering at the Tokyo Institute of Technology

Employed at an electric materials manufacturer

1985 Registered as lawyer
1987 Registered as patent attorney

Experienced fields

Engaged in intellectual property rights legal affairs such as patent laws and unfair competition prevention laws



Performance Record

Specialized in patent infringement suits, suits for canceling decisions, certification of issues concerning intellectual property rights, and legal affairs concerning trade secret protection. Has a rich experience in intellectual property rights infringement suits concerning the advanced technology fields such as electronic equipment, organic and inorganic materials and medicine.

Essays, Publications, Lectures


Public Service and Public Interest Activities

Served as the New Bar Examination(Intellectual Property Rights) Testing Commissioner, Intellectual Property Research Foundation Commissioner, Trademark Association Executive Director, Tokyo Bar Association Intellectual Property Counsel, and Vice Chairman of the Intellectual Property Center at the Japan Federation of Bar Associations; also has long engaged in the duties as Industrial Property Council Commissioner(in relation to attorney ability collateral tests) and government agency duties as those concerning the expert commissioner for customs import suspension.

Received the Award for Distinguished Service of Intellectual Property from the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2015