Lawyer / Patent Attorney / Master of Intellectual Property Rights Laws

Hideo Nakoshi

Hideo Nakoshi

Based on my experience as director for numerous listed companies, I always aim to offer support regarding corporate legal affairs not only as an outsider but also from the practical business point of view.
I have also dealt with all sorts of intellectual property cases with my rich business experience and extensive knowledge as Master of intellectual property rights law. I shall make every effort to obtain the best possible solution for a wide range of clients from the world’s top companies to startup companies as well as private clients.


1979 Graduated the Department of Law, Waseda University
1983 Registered as lawyer
1988 Graduated the University of London, U.K.
1989 Completed the Master’s program in Intellectual Property Rights Law at Franklin Pierce, U.S.
1992 Founded the Ikuta-Nakoshi Law and Patent Offices
2018 Renamed to the INTEX Law and Patent Offices

Experienced fields

1. Corporate legal affairs
2. Intellectual property rights legal affairs(lawsuits, contract agreements, certification, application)
3. General legal affairs(labor, traffic accidents, real estate, divorce, inheritance, etc.)
4. Overseas transactions

Performance Record

1. Public business: National Bar Examination Commissioner(intellectual property law), various commissioners of the Bar association, various government commissioners and commissioners for independent administrative agencies, directors for various public interest foundations and public NPOs
2. Outside directors: Directors for listed companies(3), directors for numerous unlisted companies
3. Essays: Numerous books, editing and writing of magazines both in English and Japanese