Intellectual Property Legal Affairs

The Importance of Intellectual Property Legal Affairs

Intellectual property legal affairs is an important field in legal affairs which consists of a multifarious content of issues as listed below involving such matters as patent rights to protect technical creations, trademark rights regarding the protection of brands, copyrights regarding the protection of software, unfair competition prevention laws regarding trade secret protection, and so on.

Intellectual property rights are specially characterized by possessing the right to demand an injunction, which makes it possible to legally monopolize a business on the one hand, but on the other hand, might bring about difficulties to continue the business if there is any infringement on the rights of other companies. Therefore it is very important to forge intellectual property strategies which are in line with your company’s business and have thorough risk management.

There is a number of lawyers in our office who have turned over from their former employment at manufacturing companies as science and engineering college graduates. Thus we have gained a high reputation of our clients since we have our well versed and experienced lawyers take the lead in active discussion and feedback sessions with our clients upon conducting a suit.

  • (1) Handling business concerning patents
    Patent infringement litigation(Patent invalidation trials, rescission of trial decisions)
    Preparation of certificates of expert opinion(for infringement or invalidation)
    Corresponding to infringement warning, License negotiations
  • (2) Protection of business secrets(Formulation of provisions for business secrets, Advice for the confidentiality system)
  • (3) Product liability law
  • (4) Trademark rights, Unfair competition prevention law
  • (5) Design rights