General Legal Cases

If an organization or individual were to conduct social activities, various legal problems would arise between the state, public organization, employees, consumers and so on, and it becomes necessary to respond to these problems promptly and properly.

That is to say, the company confronts legal problems not only in relation to counterpart companies, but also such problems as administrative, labor and consumer related. Non-profit organizations and public interest groups also confront similar problems. General individuals also confront such problems as disputes arising from buying and selling or leasing of real estate as well as inheritance problems in addition to family issues between married couples and children during their lifetime.

In order to swiftly obtain the suitable results with the best solution for these problems, it is important to have lawyers with rich experience involved. With our lineup of experienced lawyers well versed in handling many general legal cases in both civil and criminal affairs, we can provide prompt treatment for every case. We have also demonstrated our prompt and appropriated handling of a great number of requests received to solve newly arisen problems in recent years. We shall offer the best solution for our clients, such as alternative dispute resolutions, measures to prevent disputes in the first place, not to mention court trials themselves.

  • For private individual clients, processing of real estate buying and selling, construction disputes, leasing of land and house, divorce, adoption of children, last will and testament/inheritance, consumer affairs, processing of traffic accidents and so on.
  • For companies, processing administrative licensing, labor disputes, bankruptcy, product liability, and personal information
  • For non-profit organizations and public interest groups, supervising of contracts and judgmental decision of the public interest in addition to the above.
  • There might be need to deal with criminal cases as well.
  • With our rich and diverse lineup of various expertise, we have a well-established system to respond to all kinds of large-scale and complicated cases, for example newly arising problems involving such matters as IT(Information technology) and computer.