Corporate Legal Affairs

When a company engages in its business activities, there arise various legal problems concerning the company both internally and externally. The areas in which concerns the corporate legal affairs are exchange laws which directly involves the business activities and organization laws which involves the organization conducting the business.

The many clients and advisers who request our services range widely from large global companies to startup companies, giving us wide and profound experience in the area of corporate legal affairs. We believe that it is particularly essential to prevent disputes in advance in this area, so that we focus ourselves in the area of preventive legal affairs.

We also have lawyers with much experience of having served as auditors and directors of companies, which enables them to conduct their activities practically, not only as outsiders but also as insiders who are the parties concerned.

As for cases abroad, our system is sufficiently capable of dealing with large-scale and complicated issues since wide support is available from foreign law offices which have actual record of joining partnership with us in treating cases.

  • As for exchange laws, not only traditional contracts and debt collection, but also everything ranging from the antitrust law, unfair competition prevention law, financial relations act, pharmaceutical affairs law, construction contractors law, down to IOT(Internet of things) and FINTECH(Financial technology), and so on.
  • As for organization laws, measures against general meetings of shareholders, compliance countermeasures, internal control, insider issues, not to mention corporation laws and commercial laws involving the establishment and dissolution of companies, and so on.
  • In addition, M&A(Merger and acquisition), administrative licensing, labor problems, product liability and user support, debt collection, bankruptcy processing, tax problems and so on.
  • Public relations problems between western(American and European) countries and Asian countries.