Patent Application

Experts well versed and experienced in the area of infringement lawsuits will conduct application filing procedures of inventions to foreign countries, to enable acquisition of strong and firmly protected rights.

Intellectual property consists of such varying products of creative activity as inventions, designs and books, trademarks, business secrets and technical secrets. Patent rights, utility model rights, design rights, trademark rights and so on become rights after application filing to the patent office, passing the examination by the patent office and registration.

In order to make the registered right a strong one, application documents must be prepared well aware of exercising that right in the future. Thus, it becomes necessary to comprehensively investigate such issues as market analysis, prospective legal issues, and technological advancements. The cooperation of patent attorneys and lawyers who are well versed in technology and keen on infringement lawsuits would make a great difference in making these possible.

We have available patent attorneys well versed and experienced in application filing in Japan and abroad in addition to lawyers with the technological background and actual performance records in infringement lawsuits. Thus, we have a well-established system to offer the best possible legal services for a company’s application strategies and response strategies against other companies’ intellectual property rights.

  • Comprehensive legal support of new products from investigation stage to development stage, and documentary search reports
  • Application filing procedures for patents, ideas, designs and trademarks
  • Various trial and judgement cases
  • Procedures addressed to foreign patent offices
  • Management of pension payments under the authority of Japan and other foreign countries