Shigehiro Kawase

Shigehiro Kawase

I make it my principle to pour the entirety of my expertise to each individual case of by my client, whether corporate or individual, thereby to pursue, under a joint effort with the client, the best legal solution which will put the client in the most beneficial and advantageous position, but also to endeavor to identify hidden or unsurfaced problems, if any, to mitigate, minimize or avoid any future unexpected legal exposure of the client.

The combination of my experience of working as a system engineer at a manufacturing company of network systems and electronics in general and my experience of working as a licensed attorney-at-law at INTEX Law & Patent Office has brought me to a unique position, I believe, where I will be able to provide legal advices to my clients, whether corporate or individual, on any legal issues which are intricately tangled as well with business and technology issues from the viewpoint of not only business best practices and corporate laws but also the viewpoint of IP laws of and future impact from high technologies, such as AI and IoT.


Work and Experience Education
Work Experience:
2020~ : INTEX Law and Patent Offices
2015~ : Worked for a Japanese electronics manufacturing company.
Received corporate training to work as a computer and network system engineer.
Engaged in developing computer and/or network systems on demand for domestic companies.
2015: Graduated from the Hitotsubashi University, Faculty of Law
Professional License:
2020: Registered as Attorney-at-Law

Experienced fields

Practice Areas of Specialty:
Corporate Laws, IP Laws, Contract and Tort Laws, Family Laws,

Experienced Litigation Cases:
Contract litigation cases involving outsourced computer system developments
Family, Civil and Criminal court cases

Japanese, English