Eisuke Terashima

Eisuke Terashima


2002 Graduated the department of economics, faculty of economics at University of Tokyo
2007 Registered as lawyer
2013 Graduated the department of business administration, faculty of economics at University of Tokyo

Experienced fields

General civil cases, corporate legal affairs, domestic relations cases(mainly inheritance issues), bankruptcy cases, labor cases, intellectual property law affairs, criminal cases

Performance Record

Specializing in inheritance issues, has had experience of being sustained at the appeal court after his legal claim was entirely approved at the appeal trial. Has been engaged in numerous peculiar cases such as computer suits, product liability suits and medical malpractice suits.

Essays, Publications, Lectures

“Civil Defense Guidebook” (Co-authorship) Gyosei
“278 Sample Testament Clauses & Case-by-case Sample Templates” (Co-authorship) Nippon Kajo Publishing
“Bankruptcy Procedure Alternatives Handbook, Revised Edition” (Co-authorship) Gyosei, etc.

Public Service and Public Interest Activities

Belongs to the Tokyo Bar Association, Judicial Apprenticeship Committee
Delegate of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations (Fiscal Year 2016)
Ordinary member of the Tokyo Bar Association (Fiscal year 2016)