Lawyer / Patent Attorney

Yoichi Yoshiura


Graduated the department of information science, faculty of science and engineering, Waseda University
Completed the management legal affairs major courses at the faculty of international corporate strategies research, Hitotsubashi University Graduate School
Graduated the Graduate School of Law at Seikei University
Employed at a domestic trust bank(engaged in loan business and fund manager business)

2000 Passed the first-class information technology passport examination
2004 Registered as patent attorney(cancelled in 2014 due to judicial apprenticeship)
2009 First-class Certified Specialist of Intellectual Property Management(patent specialized duties)
2015 Registered as lawyer and re-registered as patent attorney
2017 First-class Certified Specialist of Intellectual Property Management(brand specialized duties)


Overall corporate legal affairs concerning legal issues primarily concerning intellectual property rights and computer issues


Has engaged in dealing with legal problems involving the acquisition of intellectual property rights, investigation, certification, judgement, lawsuits and computer issues. Gave lectures at company seminars on intellectual property rights.